۸۸-۵۰۵۹۰-۲۲ IgG4 Human Uncoated ELISA Kit with Plates

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۸۸-۵۰۵۹۰-۲۲ IgG4 Human Uncoated ELISA Kit with Plates

Product Details

Analytical sensitivity

۳۱٫۳ pg/mL


Assay range

۳۱٫۳-۲,۰۰۰ ng/mL


Sample type/volume

Plasma 10 µL

Serum 10 µL

Supernatants 10 µL


Hands-on time

۱ hr 45 min



۲۴ hr 30 min


Homogenous (no wash)




Colorimetric Microplate Reader


Product size

۲ x 96 tests



Capture Antibody: Pre-titrated, purified antibody
Detection Antibody: Pre-titrated, HRP-conjugated antibody
Standard: Recombinant protein for generating standard curve and calibrating samples
۱۰X Coating Buffer: Buffer for plating the Capture Antibody
۵X ELISA/ELISPOT Diluent: Buffer for blocking and diluting the Detection Antibody and Enzyme
Substrate: 1X TMB Solution
Certificate of Analysis: Lot-specific instructions for dilution of antibodies and standards
۹۶ Well Plate: Corning Costar 9018 (included with product Cat. Nos. ending in suffixes -22, -76, -86)




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